Year 10 GCSE Art

Year 10 are currently working on their ‘local landmarks’ project. Today they created some fabulous charcoal drawings.






Uniformed services: Using a radio

Today we learned why uniformed services use radios and the correct procedures to use when speaking over the radio.

We like a challenge, so we cracked some codes to make it trickier!

We split into teams, one team cracked the code and the other waited for the code and a location, which is where Mrs Metcalfe had placed some goodies. The team who were going to the location had to pass the secret code over to a member of staff, if they got the code right they received an item.

We found tea, sugar, milk and biscuits then enjoyed a well earned cup of tea!


Some of the Sixth Form have been learning about Autumn through sensory stories.

Pie, peas and bingo night

We had a very successful Pie, peas and bingo night on a Wednesday evening. Everyone had fun and won a range of cash and chocolate prizes. Thank you to everyone that came along.


First Aid

Some of the Sixth Form completed their Basic First Aid course this week.

7S- Yoga

As part of mental health awareness day, 7S looked at ways of keeping our minds and bodies healthy and ways to promote positive attitudes. As part of this we took part in a yoga session. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and went to our next lesson calm and relaxed.


9C Chemical Reactions

We have been continuing our learning about chemical reactions, in science. Today we looked at how you can mix different substances to cause a colour change; we made and used a pH indicator from red cabbage.

We discussed safety and then watched a short video on how to carry out the experiment. We then recalled the different steps and followed the instructions.

First we made the red cabbage indicator…

We then tested the pH of different liquids and described the colour change…

Until next time.


Pupils in 8D enjoy their Tuesday morning sessions at South Durham gymnastics!

Hello yellow!

You may already know that it’s mental health day today. In family groups we looked at ways to keep our mood optimal. We mainly talked about anxiety and depression and some strategies to help us keep our mental health in check!

We learned that scents can ground us if we feel anxious. We tested different scents to see which worked for us. We also tried different sensory activities, from clapping our hands to using plastercene to relax.

It’s also national space week. 10B are learning about space so we combined some relaxing activities with our topic. We discussed why we were doing each activity so we knew more about mindfulness, relaxation and we talked about why mental health is important.

We made an oil burner to help us relax.

World Mental Health Day

Today in our Family Group we talked and practised how to use a variety of techniques to stay calm, relax and unwind.