The Oaks is closed today

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we are closing today for safety reasons. Our drive is covered in snow in spite of Chris, our caretaker’s best efforts and the roads are unsafe for buses.

More photos from Zimbabwe

We visited many schools such as Stanley, bumburwi, Lundi Park, St. Paul’s and our partner school, Jairos Jiri Nara centre for the deaf.

Hello from Zimbabwe

Hi everyone at The Oaks, I’m having a great time visiting schools in Zimbabwe. The students are very friendly and enjoy learning.

Uniformed Services

The Uniformed Services taster course credits count towards the ASDAN Personal Development Programme. We have completed all of our Uniformed Services credits and are now working towards more ASDAN credits. At the moment we are working on the community work module and created a sensory afternoon for all ages and abilities. (RRS article 15).

Tynemouth Aquarium

Today some of our year 9 pupils went to Tyneside Aquarium to learn more about plastic waste in our oceans and how water pollution affects sea life. This ties in with our textiles project where pupils design and make an eco bag for life with a sea life theme. We all had a great time and learned a lot.

Connecting Classrooms

Ms Swales is visiting Zimbabwe as part of our Rights Respecting School week and Connecting Classrooms.  We have been working alongside our Zimbabwean friends to learn about each other’s culture, life in school and how we realise our rights differently.


9C Barista

In geography, we have been learning about the different jobs that you can have in a restaurant or cafe. Today we looked the role of barista. We recalled the different hot drinks that a barista could make. We then collected the ingredients and utensils needed to make marvellous hot chocolates. We then made hot chocolates for our class mates…

Until next time.

9C Working in a cafe

In geography, we have been learning about the world of work. We looked at the role of a waiter. We have been looking at how to take a drink order and make simple drinks for our peers…


Next week we will be looking at what a barista does in cafe. Until next time.

7P and 9C Money

Both classes, in mathematics, have been learning about money. We have been recognising and describing the different coins, and recalling their denominations. Also, we have been trying to use them to buy sweets.

Until next time.

7P Changes of State

This half term, we have been looking at materials and their properties. We have learned how substances can be in three different states, i.e. solid, liquid and gas, and how to identify them. This week, looked at how we can change states of different food ingredients in recipes. We used everyone’s favourite ingredient, chocolate, in our lesson. We heated the chocolate, melting the chocolate from a solid to a liquid, and the cooling it, setting the liquid back into a solid. We used this property of the chocolate, to make cornflake cakes and rocky road.

We split into two groups and worked together to complete our tasks. We collected our ingredients and utensils, measured our ingredients, followed the recipe and commented on the science we observed…

We hope the rocky road tastes better than it looks. However, the best part is always tasting the melted chocolate…

Until next time.